What The Clients Say…

“Laura, thanks so much for all your excellent work on this, you were such a huge support to the team and could not have asked to have a better lead on this project!”

“We could not have produced such a well-written proposal without you. Your understanding of our objectives and of the proposal requirements, together with your detailed knowledge of the subject helped generate a clear and developed product. Thank you for your timely response, excellent work, and reasonable cost.”

“This project was one of the more satisfying grant proposal processes I have gone through. Thanks for all your contributions to make a strong proposal!”

“...the team was so happy with the proposal and felt comfortable and supported through the whole process because of your expertise and professionalism.”

“Laura Rodman was the lead writer on this project and did a fantastic job in guiding the client, offering advice on design. Well done!”

“Laura, throughout the process you were involved, enthusiastic, and professional. You facilitated communication and worked with all partners—not always an easy task. The result was a clear and concise description of what our model was and could do—and we got funded!”

“Thank you for applying your effort, insight and talent to the development of [our] proposal. Your technical and intellectual contributions were profound and deeply appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with you!”

“I appreciate the hard work and professionalism by Laura during the process of writing this proposal. She did a wonderful job in keeping the proposal team on time and paying attention to details.”

“Laura, I am deeply moved by your dedication to our project…[t]he grant proposals were so skillfully written. You were quick to grasp the methodology used…[y]ou were succinct and to the point. You are an exceptional grant writer. We are so fortunate to have found you!”

“[We] found your comments most helpful and believe it made [the] proposal much stronger.”

“Laura was an amazing resource during my company's first foray into grant proposal writing. She helped me navigate the governmental website, understand the RFP reqs and structure the narrative to meet the proposal requirements and evaluation criteria. She was a great editor, knowing how to set the appropriate tone for clarity and persuasiveness of our submittal. Plus, she had a good understanding of the project and technology. I enthusiastically recommend her!”

“Laura, you turned this around really fast, and I am most appreciative.”

“We greatly appreciate your work with us on this project. Your drafts of the proposal got us over some huge hurdles of getting Co-PDs to move. All the co-PDs are very happy with the final draft, as am I.”

“On behalf of the project team I would like to express my sincere thanks to you, Laura! This would not have been possible without you. I can truly say that this was a great experience for me and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!”

“Great work on this re-write project! Your grantsmanship made an appreciable difference in the end product—content, style, flow and presentation are all much improved. Thanks for turning this around so quickly.”

“I just wanted to take a breather today and say “thank you” for all your work on the NSF…pre-proposal and Summary this past week… I know we expected a lot from you these past couple of days, and we couldn't have done it without all your help!!”

“So, congratulations and thank you. Your hard and great work, looks like it will yield an incredibly good outcome for [us] and we are very grateful.”

“Laura has proven to be an invaluable team member on these efforts as an author, editor and project manager. She works very well with disparate groups; especially in making sure deliverables are aligned to ensure timely completion of the overall project. She is flexible, works with the material and resources available and never makes excuses. I would unequivocally recommend Laura and Altaclair Consulting.”

“Thank you again for your terrific work on this proposal.”

“Laura—[w]ithout your effective and committed help, I don't think we would have managed to submit a proposal at all, and certainly not a good one. Thank you!”

“Laura is a grant writer whose passion is her expertise…[h]er expertise as a writer is matched by her ability to work well under pressure, to deliver a first rate product and to go beyond the call of duty without being asked.”